Friday, June 4, 2010

Carseat Canopy Highlight and Giveaway!!!

With the Carseat Canopy you can...

* Protect Your Baby from wind, rain, and sun
* Provide private area for infant
* Creates darker space for nap time
* Cooler environment during summer time without use of blankets
* Carry handle bar without exposing baby
* Keeps blanket off from baby's face

I just loved having a carseat canopy for my little guy, especially since he was born during RSV season. People didn't touch him as much because they felt a little more akward lifting up the canopy to see your baby. People were so polite to ask before just lifting it up, it acted as a filter of sorts, that mommy gets to choose who gets to see baby. :) (just kidding) It was a nice way to keep baby asleep when out and about. The lights would normally shine right in their faces but this adorable cover kept it a little dark for more peaceful sleep.

These are the perfect baby shower gift or even gift for yourself! It was truly one of my favorite things to have with my little guy!

A few things to remember...

*Proper ventilation should be maintained at all times.
*The Fabrics are made out of 100% Cotton.
*They are washable but recommended spot cleaning to keep fabrics bright.

For the GIVEAWAY!!!
We are giving away (1) one Carseat Canopy to one lucky person!!! We will pick the adorable gender-neutral style but you will get to enjoy it forever! To enter, leave a comment on our Facebook post about this giveaway saying something you learned about this product from this blog post. Good luck!

We will announce the winner on Saturday June 5, 2010.


Farmer Family said...

These are AMAZING. I can't imagaine ever going without one. It made such a huge difference having one with my second baby. An absolute lifesaver!

DEB LOWE said...

That is a great thing to have.... Add the BABYBEECOOL Car Seat Cooler Pad

canopy said...

I think I just found the perfect thing for my friend! She had a baby 7 months ago and getting out and about is not always easy with the little tykes specially when there are so many things you need to prepare for. I will recommend this to my friend, I am sure she would love to get one! Was browsing around stuff with canopy including Car Canopy . Glad to have found your blog :)