Saturday, March 19, 2011

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We are so thrilled to be participating in the 2011 Startup Nations Leading Moms in Business Competition, please help by voting for us as often as once a day. We love you fans and appreciate you all so much!!! :)

Diaperstyle is an online based business that frequently participates in local boutiques and shows to educate the community on the wonderful benefits of using modern cloth diapers and natural mom and baby products.

Diaperstyle is my business but I am also the mom of a two year old and brand new baby, President of a local celiac disease foundation support group, Founder of online support blog,, aerobics instructor and wife. I am genuinely concerned about the health and well being of others and that is exactly why Diaperstyle was the perfect business for me. I can use chemical free, earth friendly diapers and products on my children as well as assist in the movement of cloth diapers becoming more widely used in not only our country but worldwide. I know that in doing so we can have a healthier posterity and cleaner, more green world.

To put actions to my words, I offer FREE cloth diaper consultations, baby shower cloth diaper raffles and cloth diaper parties all with the goal of sharing modern cloth diapering with as many people as possible.

Diaperstyle teaches that modern cloth diapering can be fun, (Yes fun! With all the cute prints the fun factor is endless!), very cost effective and your way to "go green". These aren't the kind of cloth diapers your mama used! With velcro tabs and buttons, cute prints and accessories, and not to mention the thousands of dollars you will save, you will have more fun than you ever thought you could changing diapers! :)

Chandice Probst

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Dear Chandice!
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