Thursday, January 2, 2014

Donate your used cloth diapers sells top-rated cloth diapers as well as other reusable baby and mommy products.  We want what is best for babies and the environment.  When your child is done using cloth diapers, what will you do with them?  Don't throw them away... put them to good use! 
Your used cloth diapers can be donated to several organizations to help families in need.  Some families will keep a dirty diaper on a child longer than they should or even try to re-use a diaper in order to cut down the cost of diapers.  These children need everyone’s help!  There are several organizations out there that can use your used cloth diapers! 
Here are a few; (Dallas/Fort Worth) (Ithaca NY) (Bloomington IN) (National) (Brandon FL) – Share the Love Program (National)
There are also plenty of organizations in Canada!

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