Thursday, October 23, 2014

Diaper Style will now be carrying Buttons Diapers!

So I can't wait any longer to share the other BIG news for us here at Diaper Style. Starting today... we will be stocking Buttons Diapers! These are super cute diapers! They have 2 layers of soft PUL and have snap in inserts! Best of... all, the price for these is very reasonable. Diaper covers are $11.00 for solid colors and $12.50 for prints! You can buy either Microfiber inserts or Hemp/Cotton inserts. Microfiber inserts start at $3.50 and Hemp/Cotton inserts start at $7.75 each! So if you're on a budget or just want to save as much as you can, these diapers may be what you're looking for. I have tried these and they worked great for me. I love the idea of replacing the insert several times before putting the cover in the diaper pail! The Buttons Diaper system is so simple and easy to understand.


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