Wednesday, July 29, 2009

What I wish I knew then......

I am participating in the cloth diaper blogging carnival about 'what I wish I knew then that I know now'. You are welcome to participate as well. This is the place to share your story. If you haven’t done so already, it isn’t too late. Go ahead and write your story on your blog, and come back here. Use McLinky to add your link, and grab the code to add everyone else’s links to your page.

I love using cloth diapers! There is no doubt about it, cloth diapers have become a big part of our lives. I only wish is that I knew about them sooner and used them with my first 2 babies. I truly had no idea, whatsoever, that cloth diapers still existed. I didn't know anyone that used cloth for many, many months. I was on my own (everyone thought I was crazy), trying to figure out all the in's and out's of cloth diapering, and boy was it overwhelming.

I started using cloth on my 3rd baby when she was around 14-16 months old. I had found cloth diapers on EBay after going there to search for cheaper disposable diapers. I bought a few WAHM made diapers that were horrible and so I swore off cloth all together. A few months later I got sucked into the cuteness of cloth again and decided to give it one more try.

This time I did my research. I read everything that I could on the internet-google became my best friend! My eyes were opened to a whole new world. Who would have known that this huge cloth diapering world even existed? Most of my friends and family still don't understand how great the cloth diapering movement really is. After much googling I found a few more diapers to try, they were awesome, I was hooked. It has been full speed ahead since then.

Halle, (baby #3) potty trained herself (thank you cloth diapers) the month before her little sister Claire, was born. Claire has been in cloth since the moment they fit her (trust me, I checked the fit a few times a day-lol). Claire is now 14 months and I figure that we have about 1 more year to enjoy her little fluffy bum. Even though we are done having babies, I have almost considered another baby just so I could continue having a little fluffy bum....almost-lol. Luckily, my brother and his wife are due to have a baby in November and want to cloth diaper-so I can focus all my fluffy love on them...heehee!

Claire 11 months sporting a Rocky Mountain Diaper.

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Denise said...

I was tempted to buy diapers on e-bay & now I'm really glad I resisted.

Your daughter is adorable!!! said...

Yes, I wrote about ebay diapers a bit as well. I am glad I have found really great WAHM diapers on hyena cart.

What a beautiful baby girl also. Thanks for sharing.


Mariah said...

Thanks for all the information on cloth diapers. I had my first baby in march and decided to use cloth diapers as well and I love them!!! I also have a diaper site if you want to check it out.

Daily Diapers

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