Sunday, July 12, 2009

Support Miracle Diapers! Join the Pledge Party!

Miracle Diapers was founded in Oregon in January of 2005 to fill a need. There were many families who wanted to cloth diaper their children for health, economical, and environmental reasons but could not due to financial restrictions. Because of the overwhelming response, Miracle Diapers decided to to open two more chapters by the end of that year. Now, under new management, Miracle Diapers is in their fourth year of service and looks forward to expanding even further, and with our help they can.

"In order to make the permanent move to a new office with attached warehouse, Miracle Diapers, Inc. needs to raise approximately $3000.00 to pay for a year in advance (this will get us the most bang for our buck!) If we are unable to make this move, we will more than likely have to close operations for the summer months due to unbearable working conditions as we are unable to afford to keep our inventory stored for so much money per month."

Here is the link to Miracle Diapers.
Please take a moment to check out this great non-profit organization and help if you can!

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